August 2016 , 0 comments Casual, but smart

Mr. Peacock shows how to wear a square the Grace Brothers way.

March 2016 , 0 comments Luxury Worms

silk moths silk worms

I think most of us can appreciate the look and feel of silk without knowing too much about it. However, the more that you know, the more amazing it is. It's one of those things that you wonder... how did anyone even stumble upon this and decide to make fabric? Well, someone did figure this out nearly 5000 years ago. But without going into the long history of silk production, I thought you might be interested in what silk is and where it comes from. 

Vox created this presentation and they've done a really good job of explaining where silk comes from. If you have a fear of caterpillars or moths, you might want to sit this one out.




December 2015 , 0 comments Giving him the eye

If you consider the eye to be the “window of the soul” it will come as no surprise that eyes have been an enduring and poignant symbol throughout history. From the Egyptian eye of Ra to the all-seeing eye of God adopted by the Freemasons.

In the eighteenth century a more whimsical use of eyes emerged as a very popular trend. Called “lover’s eyes” by collectors, miniature paintings of eyes became a popular gift of affection as a token of secret love. This trend is anecdotally attributed to the flamboyant, style-setting Prince of Wales.

It is said that from the late Eighteenth Century when the Prince was refused permission by his father, King George III, and by British law to wed the widowed (and Catholic) Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert. The widow avoided the Prince's proposal by escaping to Europe. In order to keep his romance with her a secret from the disapproving court and in an effort to bolster his proposal, an eye miniature was conceived of and painted by Richard Cosway, a popular court miniaturist.

Apparently the gift won her over and they were secretly (and illegally) married. Cosway, in turn, painted the bride's eye in order that she might covertly present it to the Prince. Soon, other British nobility followed the Prince's lead and the trend spread to the continent, taking Europe by storm.

It is fairly well documented that the trend started before the Prince of Wales’ daring use of the lover’s eye. But who doesn't like a good story of romance?

These days there are many ways to show some love. Why not entice your secret (or not so secret) love by giving 'em the Eyes!