February 2022 , 0 comments Gender Neutral

We market our squares as pocket squares. Their size happens to accommodate this use but let's be honest... can a square piece of cloth really be designated as male or female? Of course not.

This month, The Chicago Tribune's Advice Angel Ellen Warren generously referenced our squares in her latest fashion advice on the popularity of "little scarves" for women and how to wear them.

Our squares 17" x 17" size allow them to be worn in other ways by... anyone. Here below are some suggestions of how to do this. These styles are often associated with 1950's celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly who helped popularize these small scarf trends.



If you are feeling like trying this trend on for yourself here are a few scarves that have been popular with our female customers:



December 2021 , 0 comments JACK


Sometimes a pocket square can be worn differently. Try a twist and tie technique for just a touch of print or color. Navy, white and red go so well with so many things. Our Jack square is a great playful piece with its graphic “ball and jacks” print, in classic navy blue and white, is an alternative to the basic dot printed pocket square.

Like all our squares, Jack is 100% Mulberry Silk, Hand Screen-Printed, with Hand-Rolled Edges.


Jack is also available as a pillow to add a little fun to that arm chair or sofa.

December 2021 , 0 comments Precious Links

Discovered the work of Julie Vos through instagram. Love her bold, graphic style. This lovely image above was shot by Blackandgold NYC for Julie Vos. I don't know what these pieces are, earrings or cufflinks? Likely earrings. But I wanted to believe they were cufflinks because they would go so well with our squares! Even if not cufflinks her work is definitely worth checking out.


December 2021 , 0 comments Pillows


Is it possible to just relax honorably? Of course! Our silk square "Honor" features a bold and stylish stripe, meant to inspire a sense of accomplishment, and will provide unquestioned sartorial distinction and style to your favorite sofa or chair. 

So while on the subject of pillows... We always like to share cool things we discover along the way. Pillows Hotels is a beautiful collection of hotels located in The Netherlands and Belgium.

As soon as you enter this grand mansion, where modern design is embedded in an elegant Louis XIV interior, it feels like coming home. The 156 rooms and suites pay homage to the homey atmosphere of the former residence of Baron Olivier de Reylof from 1724. Pillows Ghent is only a mere stone’s throw away of Ghent’s historic city centre.



December 2020 , 0 comments Good Advice

The Chicago Tribune's Advice Angel Ellen Warren generously referenced our squares in her latest fashion advice to men who are unsure of if/how/what to do with a pocket square. We're so thrilled to be part of this sound and sage advice. Being on the same page as Jon Hamm (in Tom Ford) isn't so bad either.

May 2020 , 144 comments The Look of Spring 2020

We're all making due and laying low. Occasionally we must step out in as safe a way as possible. In a shortage of masks many have turned to scarves. As it turns out, our squares (at 17" square) are just big enough to protect in a pinch with some panache. Shown here are a few pics we've received of our squares taking on the nobler task of protection. 

Stay safe and thank you for the pics!❤️

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April 2020 , 19 comments New Look

Fashion is always a reflection of the times. And when the times, well ... suck? Time to surround yourself with the people and/or things that make you feel happy, safe, and fully entertained. Counter-balance your intake of reliable facts; stream shows, wash your hands, zoom with friends, play cards, read a good book, wash your hands, cozy up in cashmere and wash your hands. If you’ve gotta step out, cover your face, keep your distance, and ...wash your hands.


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April 2020 , 0 comments Happy Easter


Have a happy and safe Easter!




April 2020 , 1 comment COVID-19

During this time of mandated quarantine, most of us are turning to online shopping and services to avoid opportunities for infection.

There are varying thoughts on how to safely receive and handle packages delivered to you. We recommend you check out USPS statement  (the service we most often use) here.

As far as product safety goes, we run a very small and tight ship here that has never been open to the public. We follow CDC recommendations for protection against infection.

Our inventory lives in the lap of luxury; sealed and safely stored (long before the Corona virus existed) in a temperature regulated environment with no exposure to staff or the outside world.

We are still shipping orders at this time so, if you do order from us, we want you to know all product and packaging are processed in a safe environment and always with your well being in mind. 

You can always contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Stay safe and be well!





December 2019 , 0 comments Guide of Gift Guides for Men

As we all prepare to prepare for the holidays, it's hard not to feel a little panicked about gift giving. Especially for men. There are many gift giving guides available to help you make the best choice for the man in your life. Some men are harder to shop for than others.

In an effort to hopefully help a little bit in your search, we found just a few nice options featured in the following guides for those discerning gentlemen. We think some of these items are nice selections, whether given with one of our pocket squares or own their own.

Just click on links to the guides and/or the specific items. Happy shopping!












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