October 2016 , 0 comments Inspirations

We are thrilled to have some of our decorative cushions included in Achitectural Digest's "Woodland Inspired Pieces" online gift guide. Click here to take a look at all the pieces in AD's beautiful curation.

August 2016 , 0 comments Casual, but smart

Mr. Peacock shows how to wear a square the Grace Brothers way.

August 2016 , 0 comments Ensemble Chemistry 8: Geode


The Geode pocket square hits the right note in this smooth ensemble. Geode's abstractly graphic modern style features classical black and greys with notes of dark green, rich teals and splashes of vibrant yellow. Geode knows how to jazz up an ensemble.

May 2016 , 0 comments ENSEMBLE CHEMISTRY 7: Raceme

We think you should wear exciting color 365 days of the year. But for Spring and Summer, there is just no excuse not to! A touch of color in your pocket is a perfect way to add a little heat to any ensemble ...even for the most conservative gentleman.

Our pocket square, Raceme, is a unique floral in whites, bright yellows, gold, jade green, lavender, and a richly vibrant purple. Above is just one idea of how you can mix Raceme with a wide variety of pieces to achieve perfect ensemble chemistry.

March 2016 , 0 comments Spring Equinox


A video posted by @rbmanville on

Spring has sprung today! If you love the feeling of spring as we do, you can always keep a little spring in pocket anytime of the year. Sporting our Clusius pocket square not only adds spring to your pocket, it carries a bit of history too. 

The Clusius pocket square is named after Charles de L’Écluse (19 Feb 1526 – 4 Apr 1609), also known as Carolus Clusius, Flemish doctor and botanist of French decent, who cultivated the dutch tulip.

Clusius worked throughout Europe as a collector of botanical information and material and also introduced various new plants from outside Europe. In 1593 he became the Chair of Botany at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He established one of the earliest botanical gardens, where he introduced and grew a wide variety of flowering bulbs, including the tulip. He planted the first tulip bulbs in 1593, and hence 1594 is considered the official date of the first tulip flowering in the Netherlands.



Throughout history, tulips have been a symbol of eternal life and abundance. In modern times, the yellow tulip has come to represent light and cheerful thoughts.

So, who needs life, abundance, light and cheer?


March 2016 , 0 comments Luxury Worms

silk moths silk worms

I think most of us can appreciate the look and feel of silk without knowing too much about it. However, the more that you know, the more amazing it is. It's one of those things that you wonder... how did anyone even stumble upon this and decide to make fabric? Well, someone did figure this out nearly 5000 years ago. But without going into the long history of silk production, I thought you might be interested in what silk is and where it comes from. 

Vox created this presentation and they've done a really good job of explaining where silk comes from. If you have a fear of caterpillars or moths, you might want to sit this one out.




January 2016 , 0 comments Ensemble Chemistry: 6

Eros Pocketsquare

Ready for love? Put a little heart into it!

How do you show a little love to your Valentine? There is a long history of giving handkerchiefs as tokens of love and devotion. The Eros 100% silk square is a perfect token of love for your stylish companion. Wrapped in our gift pochette, it makes the ultimate Valentine!




December 2015 , 0 comments ensemble chemistry: 5

R.B.MANVILLE New Years Style Meandros

Bring in the New Year in style.

Get a room. Celebrate like an Angeleno and celebrate New Year’s Eve at the “Spanish Masquerade” at The Bazaar by José Andrés. Our Meandros square works with all the elements to yield a perfect welcome to 2016.

Happy New Year!



December 2015 , 0 comments Christmas Shipping

Making your holiday perfect is important to us!
We want to share the important dates to be sure that everything arrives in time.

• December 22 is the last day for Christmas shipping.
• Orders made before 2:00 pm will be shipped to be delivered for Christmas.
• Orders received after 2:00 pm on December 22nd will ship December 26th.

We are grateful for your patronage and wish you a very joyous holiday!

December 2015 , 0 comments Ensemble Chemistry: 3

No matter how much of a "star" a pocket square can be, (...and we are a bit biased on this point) we have to admit a square is most often playing a supporting role in an ensemble cast of equally talented and extraordinary pieces. Finding the right balance of strengths is completely worth the effort when your result is a classic sartorial blockbuster.

We decided to put a few ensembles together, in the form of style boards for some visual reference. Our mission: see how some of our favorite squares perform in a group. We also wanted to give an idea of how well our squares might integrate into a wardrobe.

Most of our squares feature a variety of colors. This can make it easier to find visual relationships with other pieces or inspire combinations. Classic pieces, dressy, casual, modern, vintage... its all good. It is all about the mix.

So, mix it up. With multiple folding possibilities, colors and prints we're sure our squares will bring enough "it factor" to create perfect fashion chemistry!

If you'd like to know more about our JACK silk square just click here.



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