April 2020 , 1 comment COVID-19

During this time of mandated quarantine, most of us are turning to online shopping and services to avoid opportunities for infection.

There are varying thoughts on how to safely receive and handle packages delivered to you. We recommend you check out USPS statement  (the service we most often use) here.

As far as product safety goes, we run a very small and tight ship here that has never been open to the public. We follow CDC recommendations for protection against infection.

Our inventory lives in the lap of luxury; sealed and safely stored (long before the Corona virus existed) in a temperature regulated environment with no exposure to staff or the outside world.

We are still shipping orders at this time so, if you do order from us, we want you to know all product and packaging are processed in a safe environment and always with your well being in mind. 

You can always contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Stay safe and be well!






Ellen on

Just cruising the beautiful site and to say hello. All is well here. Benny [Bendow] moved to Brooklyn and is enjoying the city. @bendowmade

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