December 2020 , 0 comments Good Advice

The Chicago Tribune's Advice Angel Ellen Warren generously referenced our squares in her latest fashion advice to men who are unsure of if/how/what to do with a pocket square. We're so thrilled to be part of this sound and sage advice. Being on the same page as Jon Hamm (in Tom Ford) isn't so bad either.

May 2020 , 144 comments The Look of Spring 2020

We're all making due and laying low. Occasionally we must step out in as safe a way as possible. In a shortage of masks many have turned to scarves. As it turns out, our squares (at 17" square) are just big enough to protect in a pinch with some panache. Shown here are a few pics we've received of our squares taking on the nobler task of protection. 

Stay safe and thank you for the pics!❤️

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April 2020 , 19 comments New Look

Fashion is always a reflection of the times. And when the times, well ... suck? Time to surround yourself with the people and/or things that make you feel happy, safe, and fully entertained. Counter-balance your intake of reliable facts; stream shows, wash your hands, zoom with friends, play cards, read a good book, wash your hands, cozy up in cashmere and wash your hands. If you’ve gotta step out, cover your face, keep your distance, and ...wash your hands.


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April 2020 , 0 comments Happy Easter


Have a happy and safe Easter!




April 2020 , 0 comments COVID-19

During this time of mandated quarantine, most of us are turning to online shopping and services to avoid opportunities for infection.

There are varying thoughts on how to safely receive and handle packages delivered to you. We recommend you check out USPS statement  (the service we most often use) here.

As far as product safety goes, we run a very small and tight ship here that has never been open to the public. We follow CDC recommendations for protection against infection.

Our inventory lives in the lap of luxury; sealed and safely stored (long before the Corona virus existed) in a temperature regulated environment with no exposure to staff or the outside world.

We are still shipping orders at this time so, if you do order from us, we want you to know all product and packaging are processed in a safe environment and always with your well being in mind. 

You can always contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Stay safe and be well!





December 2019 , 0 comments Guide of Gift Guides for Men

As we all prepare to prepare for the holidays, it's hard not to feel a little panicked about gift giving. Especially for men. There are many gift giving guides available to help you make the best choice for the man in your life. Some men are harder to shop for than others.

In an effort to hopefully help a little bit in your search, we found just a few nice options featured in the following guides for those discerning gentlemen. We think some of these items are nice selections, whether given with one of our pocket squares or own their own.

Just click on links to the guides and/or the specific items. Happy shopping!












December 2019 , 0 comments Gifts under $120K


Giving a gift to someone of discerning tastes can be more than a bit daunting. Especially if they are artists or designers. Nearly all our customers are designers and/or those who love them. So, naturally, we think our pocket squares are a perfect gift.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you in choosing the perfect design, writing special notes, special wrapping, shipping, etc.

If you need some more unbiased help in making that decision, check out this New York Magazine gift guide for artists. 




November 2019 , 0 comments Resonating Positivity

Geode is one of our most popular designs. The bold and colorful  design was and is intended to conduct and resonate only positive energy just like its namesake rock formations.

So what is a geode anyway?

Geodes are spherical rocks that contain hollow cavities lined with crystals. The name geode comes from the Greek word Geoides, which means "earthlike." These unique rocks can be formed in a variety of ways.

In volcanic rock, geodes start out as bubbles. Geodes can form in areas far away from volcanoes, too. In sedimentary rock, geodes might start out as animal burrows, mud deposits, or even tree roots.

Over time, the air, mud, or tree roots create a hollow cavity within the rock, while the outer edges harden into a spherical shape. Then the real scientific magic happens as ground water begins to flow around and through these rocks.

Ground water naturally picks up a variety of minerals as it makes its way down from the surface. These minerals, including quartz, amethyst, and calcite among others, become dissolved in the ground water and then get deposited on the inside of developing geodes over long periods of time.

After thousands of years of ground water seepage, what is the result?

You can see the beautiful result when you open a geode to reveal crystal points and/or layers of banded crystals inside the geode's cavity.

Like a fingerprint, every geode is unique, because each geode has a unique composition that is different from every other geode. The only way to discover the beauty inside of a geode is to crack it open with a rock hammer or cut it open with a rock saw.

Geodes will vary widely in terms of their size, crystal formation, and colors. 

Geodes are widely known to aid energy flow in a space. It will facilitate an increase in positive energy; for balance, positive moods, spiritual protection and healing.

We can only hope our Geode silk square will manifest all the same magical properties for you. 





December 2018 , 1 comment Schumacher's 26 Perfect Presents

For well over a century, Schumacher has been synonymous with style, taste, and innovation. A company whose collections have an extraordinary range with a respect for classicism, an eye for the cutting edge, and an unparalleled level of quality. So, I was more than pleased to see the presence of our Clusius pocket square in Schumacher's "26 Perfect Presents" Gift Guide.





I assume anyone reading this knows about Schumacher but, in case you are not familiar (and even if you are), please check out their inspiring blog on all matters of design and living beautifully.

Schumacher Pattern162 Blog





November 2018 , 1 comment THE NICE LIST

I'm so relieved we made the Nice List (and not the other one). Our squares make an appearance in Traditional Home's December issue. the "Nice List" Gift Guide features a handful of well respected interior designers selecting items they'd like to give this holiday season. Of course, they all have exceptional taste but clearly Mary McDonald has the best! ...but seriously, I'm honored and grateful to Mary, Tori Mallott, and Anna Logan for selecting our squares. Great gifts are often tough to find for design-savvy friends and this issue is filled with a lot of great ideas. Check out the issue and find the perfect gift for all your friends ...even the naughty ones.





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