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Hello, and Welcome!

At this point of genesis, what better to talk about than the first design of the first collection, named for a primordial mythological god in one of the first stories of creation? 

The first design, in the collection of twelve silk pocket squares, features a serpent of many colors and patterns called Ophion.

The character of Ophion is lesser known of the primordial Greek gods. Partly due to the variety of interpretations of the Pelasgian creation myth he appears in. He is described as a serpent god that with the supreme goddess Eurynome (as a dove who laid an egg) created the earth and all living things.

The eighteenth century print “Orphic Egg” by Jacob Bryant shown here features a depiction of Ophion wrapped around the egg (ie the world as we know it), protecting it until it’s eminent hatching.

He is a symbol of life creation.

Depending on the version you read, the story takes some weird turns as any Grecian myth is apt to do. One detail is that he apparently took full credit for the creation of the world. Upon hearing this Eurynome, understandably a little vexed, kicked out his teeth and banished him to the underworld.

Ah, but wait... from Ophion’s teeth sprang Pelagus who taught man all the arts and crafts!

Well, there you are. Every drama has a silver lining.

Perhaps Ophion’s pride and enthusiasm may have been misinterpreted? Regardless, the kind of powerful creative life force he exemplifies is something to admire.

Our Ophion square boasts 9 colors and is meant to garner the wearer a little admiration. My true hope is that it will also inspire a life of great creation to those who wear it. ...No pressure.

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