November 2017 , 0 comments Beautiful Changes


I've moved our studio and operations to downtown Los Angeles! A part of town that has experienced a great deal of change in the past few years and is still changing. This work-in-progress, ever-morphing environment is exciting, inspiring and not unfamiliar.

It feels like there is so much change in the air. The world, politics, industry, work, friends, family...everything. But such is life; filled with changes.

And with all of those changes life has for us, I believe it is important to always keep your spirits high and surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. A new pair of shoes, a painting, a colorful scarf ...sometimes the simplest thing can give you the spark you need to "be" and/or create the positive changes you desire in life.

If a little color in your life will do the trick, you're in the right place. I like a touch of color and print too!

So, as I set up the new studio and surround myself with inspirations, I appreciate all that is good now, I can already see the many good things to come that I'm excited to share ...and even more beautiful changes.


“Give me a museum and I'll fill it.” - Pablo Picasso

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